Zionsville Times Sentinel

July 3, 2013

Photo ID now mandatory for employees

By Rod Rose For the Times Sentinel
Zionsville Times Sentinel

---- — For security reasons, all county employees who work in the Boone County Courthouse must begin wearing photo ID cards.

A gap in security was discovered during preliminary hearings last week for David Camm’s trial for murder of an Indiana State Trooper, due to begin Aug. 5, Sheriff Ken Campbell said. That case was moved to Boone County from southern Indiana on a change of venue.

During the trial, expected to take up to eight weeks, access to the third and fourth floors of the courthouse will be restricted. Deputies from his office and from Floyd County, where Camm’s first murder trial was held, will staff security stations, Campbell said.

“Not everybody knows who everybody is,” Campbell said in asking the Boone County Commissioners Monday, July 1, to mandate the wearing of ID cards. The suggestion was approved, 3-0.

“I was under the impression that all courthouse employees had ID,” Campbell said, but “apparently it’s an option.”

“Some grumbling” should be expected, Campbell said.

“I’m looking at the Camm trial right now,” Campbell said, while anticipating upgrading security at the courthouse, and in other county-owned buildings, with the implementation of a courthouse security department.

Requiring that a county-issued ID be displayed at all times is “a good idea,” County Attorney Bob Clutter said.

The Boone County Health Department already owns the equipment that creates photo IDs; the IdentiSys hardware and software was bought through a grant, said Greg Inman, director of the health department’s environmental division. That equipment could be used to create employee ID tags, he said.

The commissioners approved renewal of a yearly maintenance contract with IndentiSys immediately before Campbell’s request.