Zionsville Times Sentinel

August 7, 2013

Drivers complain of obstructed rural intersection

By Rod Rose For the Times Sentinel
Zionsville Times Sentinel

---- — Complaints that truck drivers can’t see oncoming traffic unless they pull into a rural intersection because of low-hanging branches may not be resolved.

During the 4-H Fair, several persons complained about the branches at the intersection of county roads 100 S and 400 E, County Commissioner Donnie Lawson said at the board’s meeting Monday, Aug. 3. The trees are not within the county’s right-of-way, however, so trimming requires permission from the property owner.

The land owner refuses to allow the trees to be cut back, however.

“We have talked to him and he is adamant about not touching his trees,” County Highway Superintendant Rick Carney said. Lawson said a dump truck driver told him that it’s necessary to pull the nose of the truck into the intersection in order to see vehicles approaching from the west on CR 100 S.

“The intersection is somewhat dangerous because of those trees,” Lawson said. The same issue exists at other intersections, Lawson said.

An engineering study found a need for stop signs for north- and south-bound vehicles on CR 100 S, Carney said.

Although the posted speed limit on both roads is 40 mph, it’s not uncommon to see drivers going 50 or 55 mph on 100 S, he said.

Trimming the trees would provide only a temporary solution, Carney said, because within a year or two the limbs would grow back. “I don’t have the manpower to keep a brush crew out there every day,” he said.