Zionsville Times Sentinel

March 6, 2013

Sheriff narrates video disputing ‘high capacity’ magazine claims

By Rod Rose
For the Times Sentinel

Zionsville — Two local residents and Boone County Sheriff Ken Campbell are featured in a 13-minute video that a pro-gun rights group says debunks the idea that banning high-capacity firearm magazines would reduce gun violence.

The video was sponsored by ArmaLite, a manufacturer of AR-15-style rifles. It was filmed at the Boone County Sheriff’s Office shooting range.

Sheriff Ken Campbell narrates the video, which showed an experienced marksman firing more rounds from a rifle with two 10-round magazines than he did with a 20-round magazine.

At the video’s conclusion in another demonstration, that same shooter fired 21 rounds from a Colt 1911-model .45 caliber semi automatic, using three seven-round magazines, in 9.78 seconds.

All of the shots hit a paper target depicting an armed attacker; the target, commonly used by police during training, uses a points system based on where the bullets impact. The more bullets that hit critical areas, the higher the score.

In the video, Campbell said, “One of the reasons that the magazine restrictions are being proposed is the perception that if the active shooter has fewer bullets in magazines he will have to reload sooner and this will create an opportunity for someone to tackle him during the reload.”

Both a male and female shooter in the demonstrations were able to empty a magazine into the target, firing aimed rounds, and reload before a participant kneeling 25 feet away could reach them, starting when the shooters began to change magazines.

“Imposing magazine capacity limits creates a horribly false sense of security,” Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms chairman Alan M. Gottlieb said. “This video puts the lie to this politically-motivated disarmament strategy.”

The Senate Judiciary Committee will meet Thursday, March 7, to begin hearings on several bills involving firearm sales, background checks and the banning of certain weapons and accessories, including magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

Dr. Julia Christie, Midwest regional manager of Zionsville-based Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, formerly One Million Moms For Gun Control, disputed some of the video’s conclusions.

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