Zionsville Times Sentinel

June 19, 2013

Duck Dynasty celebrity shares faith, fun facts about show

By Sarah Lang
For the Times Sentinel

Zionsville — Traders Point Christian Church played host to one of television’s biggest names this weekend: Willie Robertson of the A&E network hit, Duck Dynasty.

To celebrate Father’s Day, Robertson took the stage with TPCC lead pastor, Aaron Brockett, to talk about dads and what real men are like. He also threw in fun facts about the show — and beards.

A&E was open to the family praying on the show, Robertson said. Now it’s the highest-rated show on the network, so they’re not going to mess with its magic.

“When you have a show like that, they don’t want to mess with it, so we’re saying ‘Hey brother, amen!’” Robertson said. “It’s impossible to put on a show about the Robertsons without faith when that’s who we are.”

One of the most beloved family members, Uncle Si, almost didn’t make it on the show.

“They weren’t originally going to include Si, until they met him,” Robertson said. “Then it was, ‘Well how much can we get him on there?’ As funny and kooky as he is, he is a godly man, one of the most godly men I know.”

Now that the show is such a big hit, Robertson and other family members have speaking engagements all over the country, and that’s how they want it.

“That’s what we were hoping for, so we could get the name of Jesus out,” he said. “This show is on in countries all over the world, so the Good News is being preached all over the place.”

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