Zionsville Times Sentinel

July 17, 2013

From autism to art

By Brittany Broderick
For the Times Sentinel

---- — “I don’t want people to emphasize on the ‘angry rage’ characteristic when they think of me as someone who suffers from bipolar disorder and autism,” said Kristen Wise, 22, a Zionsville native who now lives in Lebanon.

The truth is, Kristen is far from the misconceptions that are unfortunately tied to her disorders. She is a true testament to the fact that stereotypes do not always reflect reality. Anyone who has met this intelligent and charismatic young adult would vouch for her mature composure and sincere kindness.

“I definitely have a positive outlook on my disorders,” Kristen stated. “Even though it can be hard dealing with them, there is a bright side to it.”

In Kristen’s case, she finds solace through art. It has always been one form of stability in her life.

“Painting has always been a soothing release for her,” explained her mother, Elane. “It helps her focus on the art and forget about the disorders.”

From a young age, her artwork was often showcased throughout the halls of Zionsville schools. Kristen’s most recent accomplishment is having her artwork featured in Branches, a magazine published all over the state of Indiana.

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