Zionsville Times Sentinel

October 3, 2012

From driving the green to rolling in the green

By Rod Rose/For the Times Sentinel

— Business has been booming since the town purchased the Zionsville Golf Course.

The town council spent $1.5 million to purchase the course in 2007, and it has turned out to be a wise investment.

“The golf course has been a moneymaker for us every year,” Council President Tim Haak said. “We want to preserve it as an amenity for the town.”

Mike Maguire, pro shop manager at Zionsville Golf Course, started as a part-time employee before the town bought the course.

“We threw out the bait, and they took the hook,” he said. “It’s been successful ever since.”

Orlin Coleman, who takes care of maintenance of the course, said the partnership with the town has been beneficial.

“Everything has gone great as far as I’m concerned,” he said. “It’s not a utopia, but it’s pretty close.”

Haak said the course does not drain any money from the town’s budget.

“The first year we gave them $100,000 in seed money to get started,” he said. “They were able to pay that back within a year. They are very conscious of their budget and the town’s budget. They don’t ask for things that they know we can’t afford.”

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