Zionsville Times Sentinel

September 26, 2012

Local Marine shares deployment experience

By Andrea Cline/Times Sentinel managing editor

— One 21-year-old Zionsville resident has done and seen a lot more than most people his age.

Patrick Hill, a lance corporal in the Marine Corp., recently returned from a four month deployment in Afghanistan.

“It was definitely not what I expected,” Hill said of his deployment.

Hill was deployed to Kajaki, a village in Afghanistan, on April 30. He was stationed on an old Russian resort, turned into a military base. He deployed with the provisional infantry — where soldiers fought on foot — but his mission changed and he served in the artillery division, where he was with a group primarily armed with projectile weapons.

“After two weeks, I was sent off to be with a grunt unit (slang term for fleet marine force) and was able to experience combat with them,” he said.

With the grunt unit, he was dropped by helicopter into a town with the purpose of driving enemy forces north. The mission lasted four days and three nights.

“We were shot at constantly, and we had to call for artillery, air strikes and had to shoot back,” he said.

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