Zionsville Times Sentinel

July 31, 2013

Town looks to address gun fire complaints

By Matt Werner
Staff Writer

---- — The Town of Zionsville has received multiple complaints from people in the community about people shooting guns.

The town council discussed during its Monday morning, July 29, agenda-setting meeting how to address those complaints. The result was to send the issue to the safety board before the council takes any sort of action.

“We had, for more than a year, several citizens raising objections to the discharging of firearms near their homes,” Council President Jeff Papa said. “There was a petition that was circulated in that area; we had an early draft of a possible ordinance that was circulated, which was not meant to be adopted. That ordinance was meant to start a conversation.”

The early draft of the ordinance, which only affects the rural service district, made it “unlawful for any person to fire or discharge a firearm within 150 yards in proximity to or within the range of any person or assemblage of people, adjacent private property, vehicle, farm, dwelling, house, apartment, church, school, airport or other building, park, trail, pathway or recreational area, or to fire in such direction such that any projectile expelled could or does strike, hit, enter or pass through any of the foregoing.”

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