Zionsville Times Sentinel

April 17, 2013

Appearance by Colts punter highlights United Way event

By Sarah Lang
For the Times Sentinel

Lebanon — Former Indianapolis Colts punter Hunter Smith had an important message for Boone County United Way supporters Wednesday morning, April 10 at the Lebanon High School community center — People are not important. They are valuable.

Smith, the keynote speaker at the celebration breakfast for the United Way of Boone County’s 2012 campaign, shared with the crowd that something our culture has desperately wrong is the understanding of these two words — importance and value. Something is important if it can be used, like a tool. Something has value if a price has been paid for it.

“The problem we have in our world is we, especially in America, view people as utilitarian,” Smith said. “We view them as important, as tools.”

As examples, Smith mentioned crazy sports parents who view their children as a tool for their gene pool. Charities, he said, often use people as tools for tax write-offs.

“People are not important. That will always end in an unhealthy place because we’re viewing them as objects,” Smith said. “They are valuable, which is much, much more than important.”

As a man of faith, Smith said he believes God doesn’t need the efforts of humans. He doesn’t need their money. But he allows people, because of the value he places on them, to participate in his work on the earth. Stepping outside what’s normal, what people say the reason for donating to a charity should be, Smith said one can reach the source of giving — people.

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