Zionsville Times Sentinel

June 19, 2013

Perry residents file remonstrance

By Matt Werner
Staff Writer

Zionsville — Perry residents who were annexed into Whitestown in March are living up to their word, filing a remonstrance against the town.

Bev Ramsey, a resident of Perry Township, said after the Whitestown Town Council annexed the territory, she and others were planning remonstrance. It was filed Friday, June 7, in Boone Superior Court I.

The area annexed was south of CR 750 South, east of CR 400 East, west of CR 600 East and north of the Boone County line. The annexation included 28 parcels of land comprised of 621.87 acres. According to the filing, the objecting parties of the annexation are the owners of 27 of the 28 parcels totaling about 600 of the 621.87 acres being annexed.

“Except for the town itself, which owns a 21.07-acre parcel of unimproved land in the annexation area, 100 percent of the affected landowners oppose this annexation,” the remonstrance states.

According to Indiana law, at least 65 percent of the owners of the annexed land or the owners of 75 percent of the total assessed value of the annexed land must sign an objection to the annexation and file within 90 days of the town’s public notice of adoption for a remonstrance to be heard.

“Petitioners represent more than 96 percent of the affected landowners, almost 97 percent of the acreage and almost 99 percent of the assessed value of the annexation area,” the filing states. “Without question, sufficient landowner support exists for this remonstrance to be heard.”

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