Zionsville Times Sentinel

January 2, 2013

Whitestown makes plan to revitalize downtown

Staff Writer

Zionsville — Whitestown officials want the downtown area to be a thriving economic and social center. The town council approved a downtown revitalization plan earlier last month — the first step toward accomplishing that goal.

“Ever since I moved here, I’ve heard about how vibrant an area downtown used to be,” Councilwoman Susan Austin said.

Whitestown Town Council president Dawn Semmler looks forward to getting to work.

“We’ve spent a lot of years wanting to reinvest in downtown,” she said. “The plan should improve quality downtown tremendously and provide property value to everyone. The plan is all about improving the overall quality of downtown Whitestown.”

The plan outlines that “to make the town attractive to businesses and to promote economic growth, Whitestown must rebuild and invest in the historic downtown area.”

The plan focuses on four quadrants made by the intersection of Main and Pierce streets.

One important feature of the plan is the suggestion of having a park in each downtown quadrant.

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