Zionsville Times Sentinel

October 2, 2013

Brothers do more than survive

By Matt Werner
Staff Writer

Zionsville — In 1973, brothers Vic and Phil Owens weren’t able to see into the future of their business. At that point, it was all about surviving the day.

The Jewel Box Jewelers brothers have done much more than survive as they celebrate 40 years of business.

“When we first opened, there was no way I thought we would last this long,” Phil said. “At 26 years old, you just want to survive, and you can’t think that far down the road.”

Vic, who is the full-time jeweler, agreed with his brother, saying he never thought the business would last this long.

“When you don’t have a lot of money to start with, it’s just survival,” he said. “Now, I never even give it a second thought (that the business has been open for so long). It’s just like ‘We’re here’. We’re survivors, and we always will be. We had no clue in the beginning what we wanted to do or be, but here we are.”

The brothers grew up in Noblesville and Indianapolis and started selling costume jewelry on the road.

“We were doing that and decided to get into fine jewelry, mainly to get off the road,” Phil said. “We took several courses on jewelry — both selling and repair — because we realized that we had to be a full-service jewelry store to make it.”

The brothers opened their first shop on Oct. 3, 1973, in Boone Village.

“(Boone Village) was still being built when we decided to open up there,” Phil said.

After 11 years at that location, the shop moved to 100 S. Main St., where it is today.

“At that time, Main Street had a lot of diversity in the types of businesses,” Phil said. “There was a Hallmark next to us and grocery store and a diverse mix of businesses.”

While the business has been around for 40 years, it didn’t come easy for the brothers.

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