Zionsville Times Sentinel

October 2, 2013

Town replaces sidewalks along the brick street

By Matt Werner
Staff Writer

Zionsville — Shoppers and pedestrians along Main Street will soon not have to worry about uneven or cracked sidewalks.

Lance Lantz, streets and stormwater director, said after 10 years of doing patchwork, the town decided to fully replace the sidewalks on the west side of Main Street from Pine to Cedar streets.

“We have received reports of tripping hazards, which we addressed in a piecemeal fashion, which led to a hodgepodge look of the sidewalks,” he said. “Because the sidewalks were so old, we decided we needed to bite the bullet and replace everything to get the same look and improve the sidewalks.”

Lantz said they have been doing spot repairs for the past 10 years, but he didn’t have information on the last time the sidewalks were completely replaced. In addition to replacing the sidewalks, Lantz said three curb ramps were upgraded to meet standards in the American Disabilities Act. Lantz said the cost of the project is near $70,000.

Business owners on Main Street have been happy with the way the project has progressed.

“It’s been done pretty fast,” said Phil Owens, owner of Jewel Box Jewelers. “(Having the sidewalk closed in front of our shop) hasn’t impacted us all that much. They ripped it up one day, and we were able to walk on it the next, so it’s been going very fast.”

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