Zionsville Times Sentinel

August 21, 2013

Artist speaks up for change

By Andrea McCann
Managing Editor

Zionsville — When Doug Arnholter’s artwork and studio in the Village were vandalized recently, he didn’t notify the police; instead, he went to the community via social media.

Why? A couple reasons: He knows it was his own fault for being trusting and leaving his artwork and tools out in the open, and he believes everyone should be able to live in a culture of integrity where neighbors and their belongings are treated with respect. To that end, the local artist decided to use his misfortune as a teachable moment.

Making his creations is his job, and his artwork sells as far away as Los Angeles, Pittsburgh and Miami. His commissioned work and direct sales pay his bills.

“This is how I eat,” said Arnholter, who creates large-scale hung work, sculptures, interactive pieces and even fabric art. “I think there’s a lack of awareness. I want people to know.”

The artist believes it was “bored kids” with a different perception of the world who vandalized his work. He hopes parents are providing good role models for their children and teaching them responsibility, integrity, respect and other upstanding qualities so they’ll find more productive things to do than vandalize other people’s property.

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