02-04-12 tornado siren1.jpg

Boone REMC workers installed a new tornado siren in Mechanicsburg, at Ind. 39 and County Road 800 North, on the property of Adams Electric Friday afternoon, Feb. 3. The new sirens are an ongoing project with Boone County Emergency Management Agency, said John Wallace of Boone REMC, which donated the pole and the crews to install the sirens. “It’s important infrastructure to the county, and we’re happy to help,” Wallace said.

This was the eighth tornado siren installed in rural areas of the county, and the first one in the Mechanicsburg area, Wallace said. Adams Electric is furnishing the power to this specific siren, and it installs the electric to the other county sirens. Sirens sound when either when a tornado warning has been issued by the National Weather Service, a tornado is spotted in Boone County, or a tornado is reported on the ground in a neighboring county, and is moving toward Boone County.

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