The halls of Boone Meadow Elementary School should be filling up sooner than expected. However, not with students but the employees of Medco Health Solutions Inc., a mail-order pharmacy company that is building a facility in Anson.

The Zionsville Community Schools Board approved 5-0 an agreement with Medco to allow it to use the media center and surrounding offices from Aug. 4, 2008, to May 29, 2009 to establish a base of operations before its main facility opens.

Boone Meadow was closed last year and will not be used as a school next year. The housing market slowed down, and the school system did not add as many students as expected so it did not need to use Boone Meadow, ZCS administrators said. The building is expected to reopen as an elementary school in the 2009-10 school year.

Medco would pay the school corporation at least $26,500 for the lease. The school corporation does not expect to make large amounts — if any money — on the deal, ZCS Transportation Services and Operations Director Charlie Jones said. That amount is only to offset the school’s costs for janitorial service and utility costs. The school board added a provision to the contract stating that if the cost to the school system of operating the building exceeds $26,500, Medco would pay the difference.

If Medco did not move into Boone Meadow, it would have used trailers instead, which would have cost around $30,000, Jones said.

Jones said the deal benefits the school because it protects the building and allows other parts of the school to be used for school-related activities if needed.

Other companies are also looking into moving into Boone Meadow for the short term. Ivy Tech Community College is discussing leasing classroom and computer lab space. If Ivy Tech moved in, the school system could turn a profit because the utility costs are already partially paid for by the Medco deal.

ZCS Superintendent Scott Robison said the relationship and connections this deal develops with a high-tech company like Medco is another positive benefit.

“It has a price I can’t really estimate, but it is something positive,” Robison said.

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