Photo by Matt McNabb/Times Sentinel
Zionsville Times Sentinel

Zionsville Community High School student Laura Krummen, right, watches as Gail Sturm of the Indiana Canine Assistant and Adolescent Network gets Madison and Martha to perform tricks at the Zionsville Community High School Transitions fair Thursday, Nov. 2.

The fair provided ZCHS children with special needs and their families an opportunity to meet with adult services and advocacy groups and vendors, such as financial planners, to prepare as students transition to life after leaving ZCHS, said Greg Knollman, a ZCHS special education teacher and transition coordinator.

“It’s a great way for everybody to learn about what they are going to see and the opportunities after high school,” Knollman said.

He said parents and students have a lot of ideas about life after high school, but often don’t know how to see the ideas through.

Along with providing families with the chance to meet with organizations, the fair also had three informational sessions to teach parents how they can advocate for their children, steps to take to prepare for life after school and the services ZCHS provides to families, Knollman said.

The fair also gave parents an opportunity to provide feedback to the school on what it and its teachers can do to best meet the needs of students and their families, he said.

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