Zionsville Times Sentinel

April 17, 2013

No tree hugging necessary

By Amy Rodriguez
For the Times Sentinel

— Earth Day is coming up. It has been a thing since 1970 and always falls on April 22, but I was a little late coming to the party.

I had seen the crying Indian PSA that started airing on Earth Day 1971, but I wasn’t a litterbug and the message didn’t really click. My first memory of an Earth Day celebration happened in 1976. I was a Girl Scout then, and we fudged the date a little and had a camporee thing with an Earth Day theme that weekend, even though the actual day was a Thursday. No, I don’t have that kind of memory. I looked it up. I do remember the camporee, though.

That camporee wasn’t the event that turned me into what my children describe as a tree-hugging hippie, but it did have an impact. That weekend in 1976 was my personal “aha moment” where I finally understood that what I do has an impact on this third rock from the sun.

That weekend, I started looking at the environment as something I needed to protect. Then I got overwhelmed and nearly hysterical as only a teenage girl can do when I realized how big the world is and how many people there are who just don’t give two darns about it. I was certain the world would be used up before the seventies came to a close.

Then I became a self-absorbed young adult and pretty much ignored all the things I knew about being a friend to the environment. I am not proud of those years. The thing that brought me out of them and back to my current state was the birth of Eldest.

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