Zionsville Times Sentinel

March 27, 2013

The heart wants what it wants

By Amy Rodriguez

— Each week I wander through life and try to decide what to share in this column. I occasionally get a big bunch of nothing. Other times news items fly at me screaming, “I am a story! Write me!”

Most of the time, though, as I surf around various news and entertainment sites, a snippet of an idea will catch my attention. Sometimes these snippets blossom into a column. Other times they wither and die. Last week as I was searching, several different snippets came together to form a whole.

One of my snippets last week came as I took home NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament brackets for my family to use during family fun time. For a dollar each, we form our own tiny basketball pool. Having a vested interest in the outcomes of the games, regardless of the size, makes March Madness a lot more fun to experience.

This year is the first time Youngest is old enough to participate. I showed her how the brackets work and left her to make her picks. As she was posting her paper on the refrigerator, not 30 minutes after she learned how to complete a bracket, she started trash-talking my picks.

At first I was a little annoyed with her for making fun of Mommy when she had so little experience, but then I remembered how much fun I used to make of my mom for always choosing Pepperdine if they were in the Big Dance. She cared not at all for basketball or winning the pool, but she liked the name Pepperdine.

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