Zionsville Times Sentinel

December 18, 2013

Finding time to spread some happy

Zionsville Times Sentinel

---- — Last week while in the grocery store after work, I happened upon a woman reaching for items on the top shelf of the yogurt case. She didn't notice me there, and I was unable to pass due to her basket being in the way.

I stood there waiting my turn, humming a Christmas tune. Then she turned and noticed me waiting. She got a sheepish look on her face and said, "I need longer arms."

Because she was a tall woman like me, I replied, "I bet you never thought you'd say THAT when you were 12." She stood for a moment, processing my comment, then threw her head back and let out a deep belly laugh. Then she thanked me and explained that it had been a bad week for her and she needed a laugh.

It felt good to spread some happy.

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