Zionsville Times Sentinel

October 3, 2012

Schedule it to get it done

By Mark Moreland/Times Sentinel columnist

— I heard a curious statement today that left me a little confused.

“I need to get home and clean before the cleaning lady gets there.”

Excuse me? This perspective and call to action seemed a little contradictory to me at first, but as I chewed on it a few times, I realized there was some depth to it.

There are two significant principles compelling this person to action so much so that she was willing to do some of the work she was getting ready to pay for. 1) Someone was going to see her house in its true state of cleanliness and 2) there was a set date and time on which this was scheduled to happen. Said another way there was 1) accountability and 2) a deadline.

Scheduled accountability is extremely motivating, and every one of us is guilty of it. C’mon, we’ve been cramming for tests since we were kids and we are no different now, especially when it comes to our health.

See Wednesday’s paper for the full story.