Zionsville Times Sentinel

February 5, 2014

There's no parenting like snow parenting

Zionsville Times Sentinel

---- — Lately, I've been feeling rather -- well -- appalled. Seemingly well-adjusted, intelligent, kind-looking adults are pillorying their children for everyone to hear.

In one hour I heard one mother say on the evening news, "If they cancel school again, I'm selling my children," while a contributor to NPR equated another day home with the kids with both betrayal and despair. It seems I can't go anywhere without hearing a parent complain.

If a spouse made the same statements I've routinely heard, divorce papers would be served. An employer so describing employees would be fired. But, somehow it's become fashionable to announce at the top of one's lungs in the grocery checkout, "If I have to spend one more day with my children, someone is going to die!"

Our children are watching. They hear their parents complain to anyone who will listen what a nightmare it's become to have them home. How is this acceptable?

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