Zionsville Times Sentinel

November 29, 2012

Is that the sweet smell of innovation?

By Amy Rodriguez/Times Sentinel columnist
Zionsville Times Sentinel

— Last week I saw a headline about edible deodorant. My first thought was that it would be similar to other edible things one can buy at grown up toy store like undergarments. Gross. Of course, even though (or perhaps because) the idea grossed me out, I felt compelled to do some more research, and found the website for a product called Deo Perufme Candy.

The candy available in the United States via Amazon, isn’t really a deodorant at all. The idea is that you eat four pieces of the candy, and then do an activity that makes you sweat. Then when you do start to glow, you will give off a smell of roses.

I have two thoughts about this idea. First, I do not wish to smell like a funeral parlor, which I believe I would if my sweat smelled like roses. Second, I have ingested enough of both garlic and tequila on occasion for them to come out in my sweat, so I am guessing that Deo Perfume Candy might actually work. Of course, I doubt that four pieces would be enough to create the desired effect. It always took a lot of garlic and alcohol to make it through the sweat glands.

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