Zionsville Times Sentinel

October 2, 2013

Now you can't ever take that back

By Amy Rodriguez
For the Times Sentinel

— Have you heard about the new B-tags at Bloomingdale’s? They are, according to cnbc.com, a way to fight wardrobing.

What is wardrobing, you ask? It is buying an expensive item of clothing, wearing it one time and returning it to the store for a full refund. I have heard of people doing that, but I had no idea it happened so often the retail clothing industry had a name for it. Cnbc.com also reported “about 65 percent of retailers said shoppers returned used clothing last year, according to a November survey conducted by the National Retail Federation. The group estimates the practice cost the industry $8.8 billion last year.”

I remember a coworker, when I was about 20, talking about going to a wedding in a dress that she planned to return as soon as the party was over. Being one of those follow-the-rules kind of girls, I was shocked, horrified and intrigued by the idea. It seemed so very wrong that I couldn’t imagine how she came up with the idea. I must just be a naïve doofus.

Anyway, Bloomingdale’s is so tired of people wardrobing their merchandise, they have introduced what they are calling B-tags. These tags are attached with what looks like one of those anti-theft devices right in front on the hem, making it impossible to wear to a party. If the tag is removed, the dress cannot be returned.

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