Zionsville Times Sentinel

October 9, 2013

What Goldilocks learned about dining out

By Lynn Jenkins
For the Times Sentinel

— It only took Goldilocks a few tries before she found her “just right” meal. But if you are eating out and looking for the meal that satisfies your palate, purse and conscience, it may be a bit more difficult to find that perfect meal.

OK, you’ve done a great job greening up your own kitchen. You started a garden and grow veggies without pesticides. You shop the several local farmers’ markets and even have a relationship with some of our Boone County sustainable-minded farms. You frequently enjoy a subscription to a local CSA, which brings you fresh goodies (often breads, eggs, coffee and meat, as well as veggies) each week from local farms and producers. You research the origins of pre-packaged foods you buy, in order to choose the healthiest and those that have the least impact on the planet. And, of course, you recycle and compost all you can each week, leaving only a small amount that ends up in our dwindling landfill space. You’ve learned that food comes with a price beyond the monetary cost and that it’s worth the extra effort to eat healthy for you and for the earth.

Goldilocks, too, had to search to find that “just right” balance to satisfy herself.

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