Zionsville Times Sentinel

April 16, 2014

Add 'ups' to your spring to prevent Injury

Mark Moreland
Body buzz

---- — Welcome back spring! We all missed you so much and can’t wait to be outside soaking up every wonderful thing you have to offer. Our bodies are ready for the activity, fresh air, and a healthy level of UV rays. I can’t wait to mulch, bike, plant, 5k, swing, dig ... well, maybe not mulch. As you fly recklessly into your spring favorites and to-do lists, use these tips to care for your body to maximize your efforts and keep you safe. Warm Up If your body has been inactive (and cold) all winter, take the time before activity to get your blood flowing. If exercising, start off slow for the first 3-5 minutes of your activity to direct blood, warmth and fuel to the main muscles you are about to put to work. Warm up for yard work, too. Don’t just grab a shovel and plunge into the dirt. Move your legs, bend at the waist, and rotate your shoulders a little to prime your body for work. Ramp Up Ready. Set. Wait. You’re so excited to get out and go full tilt, but don’t make this your first and last run for the season. Use the first few exercise sessions as a ramp-up period to ease your body back into the flow. The most common injury I encounter with customers this time of year is tendonitis from out-of-shape joints getting over-used, including golfer’s and tennis elbow, and plantar fasciitis (inflammation of foot tissue). Be patient and allow your body to adapt as your activity increases. See Wednesday's Times Sentinel for the full story.