Zionsville Times Sentinel

May 29, 2013

Home-printed food too weird to pass up

By Amy Rodriguez
For the Times Sentinel

— I saw on a news feed last week that NASA has contracted with a mechanical engineer to build a “universal food synthesizer” that will print three-dimensional food. As a lover of food, I have to admit that the idea of synthesized food has intrigued me since I first saw it on “Star Trek.”

Of course, now that I am a feeder of my family and striving to cut pre-packaged food from our lives, the idea of synthetic food has lost some of its shine. Instead of thinking, “Wow! I could get nutritionally complete chocolate,” I now think, “Yuck! What would they put in the printer in lieu of real food?”

Honestly, it probably wouldn’t be any worse than the sorry excuse for food found in most cardboard boxes at the store, but I am not really interested in trying it. I can’t help remembering that movie about grinding people up and making food cakes out of them that I saw as a kid. It was called “Soylent Green.” A fun fact from that movie, according to IMDB.com: The word “Soylent” was supposed to suggest soybeans and lentils.

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