Zionsville Times Sentinel

January 2, 2013

Here’s a little help with those garden resolutions

By Lynn Jenkins
Staff Writer

Zionsville —

Gardeners are among those closest to the earth’s moods. Because even slight changes in weather can affect our garden efforts, we sense the breath, the heart and the temper of her tone.

The earth is resilient, but only to a point. We are asking it to stretch beyond its own capacity. As gardeners who receive so much from her, let us return our gratitude with promises to treat her with healing care in 2013. Fortunately, many local and national organizations can assist us in this effort.

• The Indiana Organic Gardener’s Association is partnering with the Fall Creek Gardens to offer free public classes starting this month. Gardeners will learn fundamental concepts of gardening without chemicals. The series will be offered twice each month from January through April on Tuesday evenings and Saturday afternoons in various Indianapolis locations.

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