Zionsville Times Sentinel

June 19, 2013

Mothering on a wing and a prayer

By Amy Rodriguez
For the Times Sentinel

Zionsville — It is common knowledge that motherhood is an incredibly wild ride, full of moments so breathtaking words are inadequate and so heartbreaking no words will come. The part of motherhood that the books and masses fail to share is the part where you have absolutely no idea what to do, but the offspring need for you to do something.

Those times are wing-and-a-prayer times and are far more common in my life than I care to admit. Maybe I am just a completely clueless human and other moms don’t struggle with wing-it times like I do.

Winging it takes many different forms, but a lot of mine tend to happen around explaining the vagaries of the universe. An example of this winging-it happened a few months ago when my mother-in-law passed. This was the first funeral with an actual casket that Youngest had attended, so I was sure to stand close by and make sure to answer any questions she had.

I had prepared for questions like “What is the casket made of?”, “Why is she so still?” and “Why does it smell funny in here?” My darling didn’t ask any of those questions. Instead, when she turned away from her grandma and I asked her if she had any questions, she shook her head. Then she paused, let out a sob and asked, “Why did she have to die?”

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