Zionsville Times Sentinel

July 24, 2013

Win the battle of the bulge

By Mark Moreland
For the Times Sentinel

---- — There are many names for it … “beer belly,” “the pooch,” “spare tire,” “paunch,” “jabba the gut.” Regardless of your term of endearment, many would like to change the shape of their abdomen, and there are thousands of “techniques” to help. To simplify, allow me to offer my three actions I use with customers to help win the “battle of the bulge.”

First, there are four materials we are dealing with when improving the condition and shape of the abdomen:

1. Abdominal muscles – the wall that holds in your internal organs. When the wall is weak, gravity pushes your “guts” outward.

2. Subcutaneous fat – excess calories stored as fat directly under the skin. You can “pinch” or “grab” this fat.

3. Visceral fat – excess calories stored under your muscle layer around your organs. Can’t see it, can’t touch it, but it takes up space in there and pushes everything out.

4. Excess waste – old food stuck in your digestive track. It’s not fat, but it’s just as bad since, again, it takes up space, irritates organs, and decreases the body’s ability to operate well.

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