Zionsville Times Sentinel

September 20, 2012

Tee one up for the ladies

By Jamie Jorczak/Times Sentinel columnist

— Last week I saw in the news that a there are a few lady golfers at the high school level who have been fighting for the right to continue playing on the boys’ golf team at their respective schools.

The reason they are playing with the boys is that their schools don’t have enough girls to field a girls’ golf team, so they have been allowed to play on the boys’ team. The problems arose for these young ladies when they started beating boys from other schools. Some coaches of the beaten schools are trying to get the girls banned from the boys’ teams.

I hope that the young women in question are allowed to continue to golf on their high school teams. My thoughts on the subject stem not from a women’s lib standpoint, but more from the fact that I have enjoyed many hours playing golf. I am not a golfer by any stretch, as I can barely make nine holes before exhaustion sets in from all of the extra swings I must take to get that darn tiny ball in the hole.

When I was about 10, my dad let me use his pitching wedge to whack Wiffle balls around the backyard. There were no lessons involved, and I was completely awful, but what fun I had. Then a few years later my brother and some of the neighborhood boys made a golf course around several of the houses in our neighborhood.

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