Zionsville Times Sentinel

April 23, 2014

Living with toddlers easier than teens

Amy Rodriguez
I'm just saying

---- — A while back I watched a young mother trying to hold it together in the grocery store while her toddler stubbornly refused to be anything more than a cranky toddler. I felt for her as I looked back on the toddler years. Then it occurred to me that living with a toddler can be rough, but living with a college-aged teen (CAT) is way more difficult. To illustrate the differences between toddlers and CATs, I offer the following reasons why living with a toddler is easier than living with a CAT. A toddler will try to stay up all night but generally can’t pull it off. I can’t count the number of times my toddlers would announce they were going to stay up all night by yelling NO BED, only to fall asleep in their dinner plates. CATs can and do frequently stay up all night. Staying up all night wouldn’t be a bad thing if the CAT didn’t then try to sleep all day and become upset at the slightest noise. Which brings me to point out that a toddler may reward you for waking her from a nap by being a grump the rest of the day but will never act like you are the weird one for being awake while the sun is up. See Wednesday's Times Sentinel for the full story.