Zionsville Times Sentinel

April 30, 2014

I got the yard work blues

Amy Rodriguez
I'm just saying

---- — I know there are people out there who are either lawn wizards or really enjoy puttering around outside and tending to yard issues. Sadly, I am not one of those people.

I have detested yard work for as long as I can remember. Sadly, we have once again arrived at yard work season.

I am living in a different location this year than last, so I am getting to know my new lawn. It is exciting to see the things previous people planted come up in the spring. Some of it I will keep, and some of it will have to go, but most of it is welcome growth.

There are two notable exceptions to my welcome growth list: dandelions in the front yard and thistles. I do not mind dandelions in the backyard, but not the front, and thistles hurt like the dickens when you step on them barefoot.

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