Zionsville Times Sentinel

June 4, 2014

Simple ways to beat high gas prices

Lynn Jenkins
Living green

---- — With gas prices hovering once again at the $4 mark, a review of some gas-saving tips is in order. For me, it's not just high prices that make me want to avoid using excess gas. Considering the crude oil source as well as the pollution, I try to conserve for the sake of the earth as well as my wallet.

A few years back, I learned about hyper-miling -- a term that did not stick around long. In the midst of the Great Recession when prices were closing in on $5/gal., I was glad to learn ways to keep the gas tank from running dry so often. The fact that I drive a 10-year-old van that barely gets 17 mpg also encourages me to keep up with conservative driving.

It's gotten so that I actually like the challenge of seeing if I can go just a little farther on each gallon. I play a game against myself, BMBMPG or Beat My Best Miles Per Gallon. Having a computer that displays the mpg helps keep me focused. A tachometer is also a handy aid. Following are some of the best eco-tips that I regularly use to conserve on gas; save some cash and do a little more to protect the earth with reductions on CO2 emissions and pollution.

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