Zionsville Times Sentinel

September 26, 2012

There is help for parents out there

By Jamie Jorczak/Times Sentinel columnist

— Finding oneself suddenly attached to another human being all day, every day, is surprisingly isolating and lonely.

A few months after the births of my firstborns in 2006, I returned to work willingly, eager to get a break from the non-stop feedings, diapering, holding, crying babies, crying mommy, and near-seclusion from the outside world.

But in the months that followed, I missed my little ones more and more. One evening, I cried uncontrollably in a meeting with a consultant who had just revealed my schedule for the next two months would allow for roughly 10 waking hours per week with my babies.

I resigned the next day. I can recall the flood of relief; the colossal weight off my shoulders. I have never regretted that decision.

I was prepared to sacrifice my professional life in order to be the mother I wanted to be. What I didn’t see coming was the evaporation of my social life and the growing sense that I was lost in the wilderness of childrearing.

Caring for toddler twins around the clock in a small town where I had never met other mothers of young children, and where I was a solid half-hour drive from my old network of Statehouse friends, it was difficult to satisfy the part of myself that loves to be around people. Adult people.

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