Zionsville Times Sentinel

April 17, 2013

Train with your brain

By Mark Moreland
For the Times Sentinel

— Smell that spring air? Feel that warm sun? Getting that urge to fire up your exercise again? Me too! Yup, it’s about that time when the weather transitions out of the doldrums of winter and sparks the desire to get outside and get active.

As your activity increases, your body will begin to talk to you and give you important information about how it is responding. So listen to your body, train with your brain, and heed the messages it is sending you to maximize your effort and stay safe. Pay special attention to these two messages:

Signal 1: Ouch!

Probably the most educational message your body will send you, “Ouch!” should never be ignored since doing so can lead to chronic, or even permanent, damage. Explore “ouch” as soon as it happens.

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