Zionsville Times Sentinel

January 16, 2013

Resolutions yield to soup

By Amy Rodriguez
Staff Writer

— I saw last week that Jan. 17 is national ditch your resolution day. Because 17 days seems to be about the average lifespan of a resolution, I went to the internet to verify that such a day exists. Then, because I have the attention span of a small child, I got distracted by the fact that January is soup month. I do like me some soup.

Most of the soups of my youth were made from scratch, with the exception of cream of mushroom and tomato and what we called green dot soup. Green dot soup was Lipton noodle soup with real chicken broth. It comes in a box with two envelopes of mix. Because one pouch served exactly one person, we only got this soup when we were sick. The green dots were little bits of parsley, but try telling that to a sick kid. I still want green dot soup when I’m sick.

My mom made a lot of soup, probably because it is an economical way to feed a lot of people. One of her most common was vegetable soup. The best part of vegetable soup is that you can use up a lot of leftover bits and bobs of veggies and they don’t taste leftover. Sometimes Mom called the veggie soup stone soup because it didn’t have meat. Not exactly like the story, but close enough.

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