Zionsville Times Sentinel

November 27, 2013

Burn calories while being thankful

By Mark Moreland
For the Times Sentinel

---- — Oh yeah — time for Thanksgiving, and for the last two years I have offered eating tips on how to “manage the damage” of Thanksgiving and holiday eating. Let’s change it up and have some fun answering the question, “How many calories do you burn during a Thanksgiving meal?”

Use the info below to track your total and record your score. Hold on to your drumsticks … this might surprise you!

Walking/standing – If your meal is presented in buffet form, then give yourself 1.6 calories for every minute you are in line, which could take up some time. Make sure to include the time to find your seat.

Sitting – First, add 1.5 calories for the controlled squat that gently places your rear into your seat. More props if you make an audible noise when you land, since breathing during work is good form. Add 1.3 calories for each minute you are in your seat. Stay as long as you like and rack up the benefit.

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