Zionsville Times Sentinel

November 14, 2012

Boot camps: Not just for the military anymore

By Mark Moreland/Times Sentinel columnist
Zionsville Times Sentinel

Zionsville — Group exercise is not like it used to be.

While the traditional aerobic classes are still around, the concept has morphed from ladies in spandex and leg warmers getting “physical” to coed groups tossing around Olympic weights, tugging ropes and swinging kettle-bells.  (FYI, they still wear spandex, they just call it something more scientific).

Call these groups boot camps, or cross-fit, or some other clever spin on a masochistic word, just never call them easy because they will offer you all you can handle. So as you prepare for the winter and consider moving some of your exercise indoors, let’s learn a little about these workout groups and see if it’s a good fit for you.  

Professional disclaimer: I realize it is inaccurate to lump all group exercise as briefly mentioned above into one group, so know that I only do so for the purposes of this column. Each product (boot camps, cross-fit, small group training, etc.) has its own philosophy, personality, and scientific basis making it unique.