Zionsville Times Sentinel

December 11, 2013

Doing the freak-out scramble

Zionsville Times Sentinel

---- — Is it just me, or did shopping season get shorter?

I have been doing an internal freak out/scramble since Thanksgiving trying to get gifts ordered in time for Christmas delivery. I don't enjoy going to actual stores this time of year, so I avoid them as much as possible and do all the online shopping I can.

In years past, this tactic has afforded me the leisure of thinking about what I want, ordering it, and having a few weeks to wrap and stash my gifts under the tree. This year, though, I haven't felt that sense of calm from knowing I have enough time. I was starting to wonder what is wrong with me. Then I read a headline on cnbc.com that read, "Shortened holiday may boost traditional retailers."

So there you have it. I may indeed have something wrong with me, but it isn't my sense of time. It turns out that the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year is six days shorter than last year. Six days! No wonder I am having trouble squeezing holiday parties into my schedule.

Now that I know what the problem is, I am slowly accepting the fact that I may have to get in the car and go fetch some of my gifts this year. I won't be alone, unfortunately. According to the cnbc.com article, "A study by analytics firm ShopperTrak said it expects to see more shoppers making late purchases this year, and the last four days before Christmas will be among the 10 busiest." I sure hope to have all of my shopping done before the 20th.

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