Zionsville Times Sentinel

May 1, 2013

There are so many reasons to celebrate

By Amy Rodriguez

— Today is the first day of May. This day is noteworthy because it is May Day, which you probably know. It is also the anniversary of the introduction of Cheerios by General Mills in 1941, which you may know. May 1 is also Fat Bear Day, which, unless you are my dad, you don’t know.

May Day is an unofficial holiday in the United States, but in many countries it is a day set aside to honor workers, much like our Labor Day. It originated, according to libcom.org, as a “pagan festive holy day celebrating the first spring planting.” I couldn’t find the origin of the May Day basket, but there were scads of ideas on the Internet for making them.

Basically, a May Day basket is a little handmade pocket/basket suitable for hanging on the doorknob of a neighbor. The idea is to put flowers or candy in them and sneak them onto the doors of neighbors. I have never made or received a May Day basket, but I hear they are lots of fun to be part of.

If May Day isn’t your thing, you could celebrate the introduction of Cheerios instead. According to cheerios.com, the original name was Cheerioats. They were the first ready-to-eat oat cereal on the market. The name was changed in 1945 to Cheerios. In 1979 Honey Nut Cheerios hit the market, which, in my humble opinion, was a tremendous improvement on the original product. Now you can get them in Apple Cinnamon, MultiGrain, Frosted, Berry Burst, Fruity, Banana Nut and Chocolate varieties. Even if you’re not a fan of Cheerios, I bet you have fed them to your toddlers and subsequently picked them out of the couch cushions. Cheerios are also a great way to keep a little person occupied during the boring parts of church.

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