Zionsville Times Sentinel

May 15, 2013

Feeding families on the fly

By Mark Moreland

— Running a schedule with kids this time of year is hard! Your family is pulled in multiple directions between sports, “end of school year” events, and your regular scheduled events.

This demand often forces you to choose fast food over the “real” food you want to serve your family. Please don’t surrender! With some planning you can feed your family quality fuel and still stick to your schedule.

First, these foods must satisfy the following in order to fit into your routine:

•    Convenient. Available ingredients, easy to prep and portable.

•    Easy to eat with no need for utensils.

•    Fairly clean (Because who wants a huge mess in the back of the minivan or at the dinner table after a later-than-normal or hurried dinner?)

•    Delicious. Kids will eat it.

•    Little to no refrigeration (maybe just transport in a cooler) and no reheating required.

•    Adjustable for specific dietary needs.

Second, packing meals to eat on the run or at the ballpark is much easier with a few simple containers. Individual lunch boxes make it super easy and clean to eat in the car. We recommend Sistema lunch cubes, The Container Store’s Slimline Quaddie, or Ziploc three-section reusable containers. Kids will love eating out of their own new, personal, “fancy” box and are much less likely to protest the sudden decrease in Happy Meals. 

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