Zionsville Times Sentinel

May 15, 2013

Wonder if lion meat tastes just like chicken

By Amy Rodriguez

— I saw on one of the news sites I frequent that there is a restaurant in Florida serving lion meat. I wonder if it tastes like chicken?

Alas, even though I have a niece living in the Tampa area, I will never know. I jumped on the company’s website and learned that the public outcry over lion on the menu was so intense they have decided not to buy any more. I don’t understand how it is more reprehensible to eat lion meat than kangaroo, but the people have spoken. Maybe it is because Disney hasn’t made a lovable kangaroo movie yet. It would be harder to eat a Simba than a nameless outback animal.

The company in question is called Taco Fusion (www.taco-fusion.com), located in Tampa, Fla. The website doesn’t say how long they have been in business, but they do have quite a few options if you are in the market for an exotic meat taco. According to the site, they serve tacos made from things like ostrich, gator, gazelle, Asian duck, yak, octopus, reindeer, camel, otter, beaver and kangaroo. The kangaroo, according to the menu, will “put a hop back in your step.” Yikes.

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