Zionsville Times Sentinel

January 23, 2013

Steered in the wrong direction

By Amy Rodriguez
Staff Writer

— A Belgian woman made international news last week for driving 900 miles away from her home while trying to pick up a friend from the train station, which was only 38 miles away. The problem occurred because she relied on her global positioning device for directions.

The thing about this woman’s story that made me laugh is the fact that she passed through six countries and wound up in Croatia before she realized her GPS device had steered her wrong. I seriously have to wonder whether it might be time for her to surrender her driver’s license.

I don’t own a navigation device, but I borrowed one from my sister before driving to Chicago to pick up Eldest not too terribly long ago. Ordinarily, I get a map and driving directions online before a trip, but on that occasion she was in the hospital and I wanted to get there quickly. I grabbed my sister’s device, plugged in my destination address and set off to get my baby.


See Wednesday's paper for the full story.