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Lucas Beck and his father Brad Beck heard the ball hit the pin. The two men fishing in the pond right next to the hole heard the same sound, too.

After a half second of disbelief, the jubilation set in for the father and son as Lucas had hit his first hole-in-one.

“I was jumping up and down and hugging my dad,” he said.

It was a great birthday present for Beck as he made the hole-in-one just two days before his 11th birthday. The amazing shot took place at the Golf Club of Indiana on Hole 8 from 102 yards out with a 9 iron.

“It was just so crazy and I really couldn’t believe it,” Beck said. “It was a miracle.”

The day Beck hit the hole-in-one, he tied his father on the nine holes. That’s even more incredible when you consider that he is a sixth-grader and his father is PGA certified.

“Lucas seems to have that natural talent and knack for the game of golf,” Brad said. “From a very young age we got him started in the backyard with plastic clubs and wiffle balls. He’s really taken to the game. He loves to practice and to play. It’s a really neat thing for a father and son to go out to the golf course and share the game of golf.”

But this wasn’t the first time Beck had tied his father. In fact, he’s even beat him on a couple of occasions.

“He’s got to do it on a more consistent basis, but the kid is only 11 years old,” Brad said. “He’s getting into his prime and I’m kind of getting into my senior age.”

Brad started off as a hockey player, going to Michigan State on a hockey scholarship. He came to Indiana when he played for the Indiana Ice in the late 1980s. Brad met his wife, Kellie, in Indiana and was looking for a summer job when he landed at Eagle Creek Golf Course. He worked there for 19 years, starting off as an assistant and working his way up to the head professional at the course. He now works for a management company that works with different golf courses.

Beck said having his father assist him with the game of golf has been great for his game.

“He’s been a lot of help,” Beck said. “He’s taught me things about my golf swing, my attitude and how to control my actions.”

Beck also participates in the Indiana Junior Golf tour where he’s won two consecutive player of the year awards and just wrapped up his summer season. He won five of the seven tournaments in the 10-11 age group and the overall points championship.

Brad said he couldn’t be prouder of his son’s success.

“Obviously we’re very happy that he’s a very good golfer and has a God-given talent,” Brad said. “The thing I’m really impressed with this year is how he’s handled himself on the golf course when there is adversity. Most kids are very hard on themselves if they don’t hit a good shot and get very emotional out there. Lucas has really started to handle himself better and keep his emotions under control when things don’t go right.”

He said he hopes his son sticks with the game.

“The sky is the limit for him, as long as he continues to have a passion for the game and practices and puts in the hours,” Brad said. “I don’t want him to get burnt out. Talent only takes you so far. You still have to have that desire to get better and put in your time and effort to work. Right now he has that, so I hope he keeps it for a real long time.”

And Beck is already looking toward the future.

“I hope to get on the PGA tour someday and that I get to a good college and get a full-ride scholarship,” he said.

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