Children's choir Christmas Concerts Dec. 14-15

Submitted photoHannah and Sydney Fulford before one of Hannah's Indianapolis Children's Choir concerts earlier this year.

Maidena Fulford heard her daughters signing around the house as small children. She decided to get them proper training.

“They would love to sing around the house all the time,” she said. “My thought was they ought to learn to sing correctly and enjoy what they’re singing.”

Hannah Fulford, 14, has been involved in the Indianapolis Children’s Choir for seven years. She says it really feels like a family.

“At the beginning of the year we do a retreat,” Hannah said. “It’s where we learn our songs, and we all get to bond and stay overnight in cabins. We do team-building activities and get to know each other.”

Hannah’s older sister, Sydney, was also involved in the group, but isn’t this year. She hopes to pick it up again. Their mother said her greatest satisfaction is to hear the girls harmonize in the back seat.

Many youths from Boone County participate with ICC each year.

The Indianapolis Children’s Choir Christmas concerts begin Friday at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, 100 W. 86th St., Indianapolis.

The ICC is celebrating its 33rd year. Originally just two choirs, the ICC is one of the largest choral organizations in the United States with more than 20 choirs and offers classes. Executive Director Joshua Pedde says the theme for this year’s concerts is Dickens’ Christmas Carol. The ICC not only teaches singing but helps children from kindergarten through high school learn to read music to the point where they are able to test out of basic music theory classes.

Pedde says new singers are always welcome at the beginning of the year. The ICC also holds summer camps to introduce students to the choir.

“The music education they get through our programming is second to none,” Pedde said. “If you are a first, second or third grader, there is no audition. You just come and those classes are open to anyone. Once you are in fourth grade, then there are auditions.”

After fourth grade, the programs are based on the ability level of the child, Pedde added.

“The child is placed where they will best grow,” he said. “All the other singers around them are at theat level, receiving that level of instruction.

“It’s a lot of work,” Pedde added, but a lot of fun.”

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