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INDIANAPOLIS — A Bluffton doctor who wrote over 400 prescriptions for more than 50,000 opioid pills, including hundreds that were illegally resold by drug dealers, had his license placed on probation for three years and was fined $7,000 after the state found he was unfit to practice.

John Greenman, who operates Wells Medical Service, was disciplined Thursday by the Indiana Medical Licensing Board.

Most of the complaint by the Indiana Attorney General's office is based on what is known as Rule 6, a 2014 set of standards for physicians who prescribe opioids. Part of the rule is triggered after a patient is prescribed more than 60 opioid pills per month for three consecutive months.

That happened when a 55-year-old female patient was prescribed 270 opioid pills consecutively for three months beginning in late 2015, according to documents. Greenman later wrote two prescriptions to the same patient — one for 180 tablets of oxycodone and another for 90 tablets of morphine.

The woman died July 2, 2016 of acute intoxication from oxycodone, cyclobenzaprine, fentanyl and morphine. A report showed that Greenman was the only doctor prescribing her opioids.

Of 16 patients referenced in the complaint by the Indiana Attorney General's Office, eight later sold the pills they had been prescribed. Those eight faced drug dealing-related charges in Wells County.

In one of those cases, a 24-year-old woman was prescribed 60 alprazolam tablets monthly for two months in 2017, followed by prescriptions for 120 tablets a month for three consecutive months.

In July 2017, Greenman prescribed the same patient 21 tablets of hydrocodone-acetaminophen tablets.

That patient later sold pills to a confidential informant working with the Wells County Sheriff's Department. The patient submitted to a drug test and there was neither alprazolam nor hydrocodone found in her system. The patient was arrested for drug dealing.

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