Rep. Brooks hopeful states adopt red flag laws

U.S. Rep. Susan Brooks said she was pleased the president didn’t mention the impeachment proceedings during the State of the Union address because it wouldn’t have been appropriate.

ANDERSON — U.S. Rep. Susan Brooks said President Donald Trump delivered a pro-America speech during his annual State of the Union address.

Trump addressed a joint session of Congress on Tuesday in which Brooks, R-5th District, said the speech was about America’s hopes and dreams are coming back, but there are challenges remaining.

Brooks said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-California, tearing up Trump’s speech at the end was incredibly disrespectful.

“It showed her disdain and disrespect for President Trump and the office of the president,” she said. “For her to have done that was very disappointing.”

Brooks said there is a lot being made of the fact that Trump didn’t shake her hand at the start of his speech, but it was something she didn’t observe.

Brooks serves on a committee to modernize Congress and she said one of the subcommittees is dealing with civility.

“The speaker needs to lead in civility,” she said. “She is the lead of the U.S. House.”

Brooks said she was pleased the president didn’t mention the impeachment proceedings because it wouldn’t have been appropriate.

“It was one of the most theatrical speeches,” she said. “The stories are always the most powerful parts of the speech whether it’s by Barack Obama or from President Trump. It’s not policies and not politicians, it is the people that make the country great.”

Brooks said Trump’s speech was all encompassing by touching on the low unemployment rate, economic boom, immigration, trade deals and health care.

“There are challenges left,” she said the president noted during the speech.

“I didn’t feel anything was left out,” Brooks said. “The other side is claiming it was full of lies. I respectfully disagree. There were a lot of statistics and facts at the beginning of the speech.”

Although some media and members of Congress are claiming it was a campaign speech, Brooks said it seemed inappropriate for Republicans to chant “four more years.”

Brooks said she was pleased the president touched on the pandemic with the coronavirus and the steps being taken to keep the country safe.

She said China has finally agreed to let the U.S. provide help in dealing with the outbreak of the virus.

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