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ANDERSON — The upgrading of Anderson's traffic signalization system is expected to be open for bidding in 2020.

Jerry Bridges, executive director of the Madison County Council of Governments, said Thursday the Federal Highway Administration has agreed to pay 100% of the costs for the preliminary design. That amount is estimated at $300,000.

The projects' total estimated cost is $2.3 million with the city being required to provide 20% of it, or $464,705.

The actual work to replace the signals in Anderson is expected to start in 2021.

Bridges said both the Federal Highway Administration and the Indiana Department of Transportation have expressed an interest in the Anderson project.

“This is the largest project in the state,” he said. “We’re looking at a start-of-the-art system. All the agencies involved are looking to make this the best project possible.”

Anderson City Engineer Chuck Leser said the project involves upgrading the traffic signalization software for 106 signals that have been in use since 1983.

He said the current software cannot be upgraded to use the Windows 10 operating software.

“This is an emergency situation,” Dave Benefiel of COG said.

Bridges said the traffic signals could be operating in real time at some intersections so that when there is no traffic on a particular street, the signals will automatically switch to the street with the most traffic.

He said the new system may be able to collect data such as traffic counts and flow.

Anderson Mayor Thomas Broderick Jr. previously said the federal government might increase its funding participation during the construction phase.

All of the signalization software in Anderson will be replaced. The work will include new software, signal controllers and signal heads.

Broderick said the new system will allow emergency vehicles to activate the traffic signals at intersections to stop traffic and allow first responders to have the right of way.

The city administration is looking at a couple of areas in downtown Anderson where one-way streets could be converted to accommodate two-way traffic.

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