A former college intern at the Indiana Department of Child Services has claimed Todd Meyer quit his job as No. 2 in the department a day after she made a formal complaint about him, The Indianapolis Star reported Thursday, Aug. 31.

Meyer, former Boone County Prosecutor, on July 16 abruptly resigned as DCS associate director, a job Gov. Eric Holcomb created for him in June 2018.

The intern reportedly told The Star that Meyer, unsolicited by her, recruited her through LinkedIn and that he nearly immediately began sending her texts that were not sexually explicit but often came after work hours and were sometimes personal and “creepy.”

Meyer responded to The Lebanon Reporter‘s request for comment with a written statement Thursday that reads, in it’s entirety:

“I should not have communicated in the manner I did. I am sorry for doing so and I apologize.

“I have learned from this mistake such that it will never happen again.

“These messages were intended to be received in a positive and friendly manner, but I now recognize they were not, and I understand.

“As soon as this matter was brought to my attention I spoke with my wife and children, we discussed the situation in its entirety, and we are learning and moving on from it.”

The intern, who was studying law, began work at DCS in May and quit after reporting Meyer’s actions toward her July 15, according to reports.

Meyer, 47, apparently had sent her a love song, said she smelled nice and said he wanted to hang out with her, and he teased her about peeing in her parents’ swimming pool, The Star reported.

“At first, I just thought he was being nice and trying to make me feel comfortable,” The Star quoted the intern as saying, continuing, “Then he would start texting me later at night or on weekends. I felt it was odd. He was making me uncomfortable ... He was taking advantage of my position and the power he had over me.”

Holcomb appointed Meyer to reform DCS on the recommendations of the Child Welfare Policy and Practice Group (CWG) to improve DCS operations.

Meyer founded and was the former president of Sylvia’s Child Advocacy Center that aids child crime victims in Boone County.

Meyer’s DCS resignation letter a year later is not subject to public disclosure, Mikka Jackson, deputy director of talent management, Indiana State Personnel Department, said in a statement in July. Resignation letters are accessible if the employee was subject to final disciplinary suspension, demotion or dismissal, but Meyer was not, she said.

Meyer was Boone County Prosecutor for nearly 16 years.

Holcomb offered Meyer the state job after he lost the Republican nomination for Boone Circuit Court Judge in the May 2018 primary election.

Kent Eastwood, deputy prosecutor under Meyer’s direction, was appointed to complete Meyer’s term and was then elected Boone County Prosecutor.

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